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Back in the USA! What’s Next??

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We are BACK in the USA! We crossed the border after finishing up our adventures in Canada. Even though we are back, we and the pups had a few more weeks yet before we returned to Lance Campers when we shared the update below. We’ve now been getting the question, “What’s next?”

What’s Next?

We still have a couple of weeks of driving to get back down to Lancaster, California where Lance Campers is located for two reasons:
1) Return the Lance 1172 and truck that we loaned for this summer’s Go North adventure. 
This includes removing some of the installations we made, like the Battle Born Battery & inverter system, the RV Water Filter Store water countertop water filtration system, and the routers, boosters, and antennae that kept us connected in Alaska & Canada.


2) Move back into our normal Home On Wheels, our 33ft Mobile Suites fifth wheel.
We expect there will be a few things we have to do to get our fifth wheel back into condition for living in after 6 months of storage in the hot SoCal desert! This will involve some TLC to both the systems of the RV and of the truck. The Ram will need an oil change, maybe a battery charge, fueled up. The RV will need the batteries hooked back up, moved out of storage, to be de-winterized, fresh tank shocked and refilled, cleaned…we think it might take a few days!

The RVers Premiere & Meet Up

Once the RV is ready to go and we’ve wrapped up everything with the Lance Camper and said our goodbyes, we’ll be heading to Desert Hot Springs for the premiere of our new TV show “The RVers” set to air on the Discovery Channel on November 17, 2019 at 8AM ET and 8AM PT (there is a Pacific showtime!)


Stay Tuned – More Go North Episodes to Come!

We still have several Go North episodes to come with LOTS of fun Alaska & Canada experiences, like the bears of Katmai National Park, revisiting the Arctic Circle one more time, the Northern Lights, Haines, Skagway, and our epic adventure down the Stewart-Cassiar Highway. We expect to finish the series at 19 or 20 episodes, and our goal is to air the final episode before the end of the year!​ We hope you’ll stick with us til the end 😀



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