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Countdown to ‘The RVers’ TV Show!

The premiere of The RVers TV Show on the Discovery channel is coming up in ​just a few days on November 17th on the Discovery Channel! 





Note: This post was for the Series Premiere in November of 2019. To find out about the lastest on The RVers TV Show, click here to read The RVers TV Show: Everything You Need To Know.
1. Note the date and time: Sunday morning, 11/17/19 – there are two Discovery Channel feeds:


  • East Coast Feed: 8 AM Eastern / 7 AM Central
  • West Coast Feed: 8 AM Pacific / 9 AM Mountain
2. How to Watch
Don’t have the Discovery Channel?? Don’t worry!


  • Click here to read our co-host Technomadia’s extensively researched guide to getting the show:


3. Free Download on November 18


On Monday, November 18th (the next day), Episode One will be free to download from AppleTV! 

  • Includes exclusive bonus content! Streaming & PBS don’t have commercial breaks, so there’s time for a little more show content 😀
  • Click here to on Monday November 18th to Download to AppleTV
  • Right now, this link points to a show trailer on YouTube, but on the 18th it will point to Apple TV, Google Play, and Amazon, depending on the device it’s clicked on


4. Watch Parties!
  • NOTE: Even if you are attending a watch party, please set your DVR to record the show! 20 people watching 1 TV counts as ONE TV. If those 20 DVR it, it’s TWENTY!
  • Join us, RVLove, & the Getaway Couple at the Catalina Spa & RV Resort in Desert Hot Springs California
  • Join Technomadia & The RV Geeks in Fredricksburg, TX at the RVE Meetup
  • Attend or Host your own Watch Party!


5. Enjoy & Keep Watching!
We really truly hope you enjoy this educational and entertaining TV Show. It has been designed to provide valuable information and some fun for RVers at all stages: dreaming, weekend warriors, full-time RVers, and even people who have never heard of RVing!


We hope you’ll join us every Sunday morning for the next 6 weeks for Season 1 of The RVers on the Discovery channel! Check out The RVers TV Website and Facebook Page for the latest updates.


PS: Season 2 has already been announced as well! Expect to see Season 2 starting in May 2020 😀

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