How to Take Care of Your RV Slide Out Awnings

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RVs with slide outs are amazing because of all the extra space they offer. But with that extra space comes extra work. One important thing to stay on top of is RV slide out awning care. Proper care will ensure your slide out awnings last a long time and keep your RV nice and dry on the inside.

What Is an RV Slide Out Awning? What’s Their Purpose?

An RV slide out awning is the tiny awning that covers your slide out when you extended it. Some people call them slide toppers. These small awnings extend automatically when you deploy your slides. Their job is to prevent debris, dirt, and water from getting into your RV through the slide seal.


Benefits of RV Slide Out Awnings

While slide out awnings aren’t necessary for your RV, they are a handy addition. They won’t eliminate the possibility of water leaks, but they definitely help. An RV slide out awning has a slight angle that funnels water away from your rig. Without it, the top of your slide is totally flat and a perfect place for water to pool.

Another benefit to a slide topper awning is added protection. Falling debris may land on your slides and might cause damage. Having an awning gives them a little extra cushion from the impact. The debris is also more likely to slide off the awning rather than sit on top of your slide. This means less work to climb up on the roof and sweep everything off.

Plus, awnings over your slides will protect the top of the slide from UV light. This can help protect your seals so they last longer as well.

If you’re out camping in the heat and sun, another bonus is some extra shade. The RV slide out awning will block some sunlight to keep your rig cool.

Why You Need to Take Care of Your RV Slide Toppers

Your RV slide toppers take the brunt of the elements. Wind, rain, falling debris, and sun can all damage your awnings. This means you need to maintain them to ensure they last longer. While it isn’t too much of a hassle to replace them and they aren’t too expensive, it is still much better to take care of them to prevent problems.

RV Slide-Out Awning Care and Maintenance Tips

Since awnings offer so much protection and convenience for your rig, here are some maintenance tips.

Clean Them Regularly

When you clean your RV slide out awnings regularly, you will avoid a lot of headaches. After a windy day, sweeping off your awnings is a good way to prevent the build-up of leaves, dirt, and grime.

If you have neglected your slide awnings for a while, don’t worry! For really dirty slide out awnings, a brush with water and dish soap should do the trick. This will cut through even the worst of sap and grime. Just remember to be gentle so you don’t tear your slide topper during cleaning.  

Regularly Inspect for Tears Before Retracting Slides

Before retracting your slides,  get into the habit of checking your slide out awning for tears. If you bring the slides in with a tear, you may worsen the damage. If you notice a tear, use awning repair tape for the small ones. This will stop them from tearing even more and needing to be replaced.

Retract Slide Outs During High Winds

Another way to protect your RV slide out awnings is to pay attention to high winds. When the wind is whipping, there is potential for your awning to tear or for large debris to damage it. 

Retracting your slides during high winds will protect the awnings from flapping and ripping. It will also help prevent slide leaks during heavy rainstorms.

Replacing RV Slide Out Awnings

Even with regular cleaning and care, awnings can wear out and need replacing. Fortunately, this process is pretty simple, and you can even do it yourself. We replaced our RV slide-out awnings with new fabric from Tough Top Awnings after wind and the elements caused the edges to tear. 

We took our slide topper measurements and ordered the fabric. With the help of some friends and a couple of ladders, we were able to replace the awning toppers ourselves. You can learn more about this DIY process in the video above. Or, plan a visit to Tough Top Awnings if you’re passing through the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA area on your travels!

Use discount code MORTONS10 to save 10% on your Tough Top Awning purchase through Feb 28, 2021! (Discount is normally 5% with code MORTONS.)

Having an RV slide out awning is a great way to protect your rig from the elements and keep things running smoothly. But your slide toppers need a little love, too. By following these tips to care for your awnings, they will last much longer. And that will make you a happy camper!

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  • I am building a promaster camper. loved the you tube post testing the different types of batteries and because of that post I am going to use lithium batteries.
    Thank you. Don

  • In our case we have only one slide out and it’s a larger one for the dinette and sofa so in case of big winds we doesn’t want to retract the slide, That’s the reason we didn’t installed a slide topper awning and take very care of the slide roof.

  • Are those two batteries the ones they let you build. They would be a good start to putting a solar system together on my Jayco TT currently with two lab’s

  • More great insight on a future upgrade. Our concern is beach camping on windy days. Our interior and kitchen access is very limited with the slides in. Thanks.

  • Thank you for that reminder.
    Just added another item to my maintenance to do list at the same time as dewinterizing (-:

  • Caitlin and Tom,
    Love all your great advice! Hope to see you again down the road. Anything on your radar?

    • Hey guys! Good to hear from you. Were currently in the southwest but will head east at some point this winter. Will be back in Michigan for the summer, then probably back out west next fall.

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