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‘The RVers’ TV Show: Everything You Need To Know

In 2019, the Mortons on the Move were presented with the exciting opportunity to co-host a brand new TV series called The RVers, along with our friends Peter Knize and John Sullivan of The RVgeeks and Anthony Nalli, producer of The Aviators. This new TV series was created to inspire novice and veteran RVers alike to step out of their comfort zones and experience all the RV lifestyle has to offer. 

Not surprisingly, with the recent boom in RV living and a wealth of talent on our side, The RVers is now a hit TV show!

Whether RVing has recently piqued your interest or you’ve been living the RV life for years, we’re certain you’re going to love The RVers

What is ‘The RVers’ TV Show?

The RVers is an equal parts entertaining and educational program that depicts the ins and outs of part-time, full-time, or anytime RV living. You’ll enjoy watching us take on new RV adventures, like our trip to New Zealand with The RVgeeks. And, of course, we’ll share our RV knowledge and best-practices all along the way. 

Check out the Episode Guide below to really get a feel for the breadth of topics it covers!

The RV Geeks and Mortons on the Move, cast of The RVers TV Show, in New Zealand

Meet The Cast

Tom and Caitlin Morton, Mortons on the Move

In 2015, Tom and Caitlin left their corporate careers, sold their house and possessions, and opted for the simplicity of RV living instead. They’re now full-time creators, sharing their love of RV travel and RV upgrades on their successful YouTube channel, Morton’s on the Move.

They also produced and starred in their own Alaska adventure web series called Go North, which is available on YouTube and Amazon. 

Peter Knize and John Sullivan, The RVgeeks

Peter and John have been full-time RVers for over 17 years and have become famous in the RV community for their YouTube channel, The RVgeeks. They are extremely knowledgeable about RV maintenance and repair and enjoy sharing their tips and tricks with other DIY enthusiasts. 

Anthony Nalli, Producer

Anthony Nalli is the creator and producer of The RVers series. He is also well known for producing The Aviators, an award-winning show that has aired on PBS since 2010. He and his wife, Lisa, sold their home in 2015 to chase the RV dream and have been full-time RVers ever since. 

The RVers TV show cast and crew – Tom Morton, Lisa, Peter Knize, Anthony Nalli (producer), Jon Sullivan, and Caitlin Morton

Where Can I Watch ‘The RVers’?

If you live in the United States, you can catch The RVers on Discovery Channel, PBS, Destination America, and Fun Roads TV

Discovery Channel – typically runs weekends in a morning slot in the spring/summer as a rerun + season premiere for 12 straight weeks!

Discovery GO App – Discovery is now making episodes of The RVers available the day after broadcast. Starting on Sunday, May 16th, 2021 you’ll be able to watch the show on the Discovery GO app.

  • How It Works: If you already have a subscription to Discovery (through a Cable TV or Satellite TV plan), you can download the Discovery GO app (available for iOS, Android, Roku, AppleTV, xbox, Amazon FireTV, etc) or watch on the Discovery GO website (

PBS – each station across the country set its own schedule. Check your local station for view time. If you don’t see The RVers on the schedule, you can call or write in to request us!

Destination America – Fall season runs, typically mornings on the weekend starting in November.

Fun Roads TV – Fun Roads is a growing television network. Find out if they serve your area, and view their schedule here. Lots of viewing options on this network, including primetime!

You can also stream the episodes online on these on-demand platforms:

How To Watch in Canada

Canadian viewers can watch The RVers on the Wild Television Network or via iTunes


Both Seasons 1 and 2 of The RVers are available on DVD and can be purchased directly from TheRVers Shop. The DVDs also feature exclusive bonus content. 

The RVers TV Show is available on DVD.

“There are too many commercials.”

We’ve heard this a lot. If you’re not used to watching network television, you will notice the commercials on channels like Discovery and Destination America. However, there are no more commercials than any other network show. Commercials are necessary to keep the show funded and running on these far-reaching platforms.

However, if you’d rather skip the commercials, there are a number of ways to still enjoy The RVers!

Record the show through TiVo or a similar service. This way you can skip through the commercials when you watch later!

Watch on PBS. The PBS broadcast has short “brought to you by” banners, but no commercials! This means there is more time for the show – and you’ll notice the extended versions of the episodes! Check your local PBS station for the schedule. If we’re not on the schedule, call them or write to them asking them to get our show!

Watch on streaming platforms. This requires a purchase. Like other network TV shows, The RVers is not available for free. But, your dollars will support the show and eliminate the need to watch those commercials!

Watch on DVD. Again, this requires a purchase, but you’ll get access to the shows whenever you want without the need for connectivity! Your purchase supports the production so we can keep bringing you high-quality television.

Upcoming Showings of ‘The RVers’

This section of the article will be periodically updated to share the latest upcoming showing of The RVers in the US and Canada. Keep checking back for updates!


Season 3 of The RVers is here! This brand new season premiered on Discovery Channel on Saturday, May 15th, 2021 at 8AM Eastern Time.


The RVers will be premiering on Wild Television Network.

Wild TV is available on Bell, Rogers, Cogeco, SaskTek, Shaw, and Telus. Click here for Wild TV Schedule.

Tom Morton and John Sullivan filming Peter Knize for The RVers TV Show

The RVers Episode Guide

What is The RVers all about? Read through the episode synopses for the first two seasons of the show and you’ll get a great idea. We have just scratched the surface on RV topics to educate and inspire viewers on! Fasten your seat belts, and let’s dive in:

Cait Morton “Learning to Drive” – The RVers Season 1 Episodes 1 & 2

Season 1 – The RVers (Watch Episodes 1 & 2 Here!)

Episode 1 – Learning to Drive (Part 1) / Community: Peter teaches Caitlin how to drive a motorhome, while The RVers discuss community and developing close friendships with other RVers. 

Watch Season 1 Episode 1 for free right here!

Episode 2 – Learning to Drive (Part 2) / Mobile Internet: Caitlin finally gets the chance to drive Peter’s motorhome in real traffic. Cherie and Chris of Technomadia share the secrets to staying wirelessly connected on the road.

Watch Season 1 Episode 2 for free right here!

Episode 3 – Choosing a Drivable / Boondocking: Anthony shares tips on how to narrow down your drivable RV choices, while John explores the ins and outs of living “off-grid.”

Episode 4 – Choosing a Towable / Power Gadgets: Anthony explores the wide variety of towable RVs on the market – both small and large. Tom gives viewers a rundown on different types of RV batteries.

Episode 5 – Leveling / Upgrades / Mattresses: Peter and John discuss the importance of leveling your RV. The RVers share when to DIY and when to leave it to the pros, and Anthony learns about the best RV mattresses for a good night’s sleep.  

Episode 6 – Tires / Touring Alaska: In the Season 1 finale, John explains the importance of tires beyond the obvious, while Tom and Caitlin take viewers on a tour of Alaska as part of a massive caravan. 

Filming The RVers TV Show inside an RV – Anthony, John, and Peter as crew and Tom Morton on camera with guest.

Season 2 – The RVers

Episode 1 – RVing with Pets / Working Age RVers: The RVers share how to safely RV with pets. Travis and Melanie Carr of Xscapers discuss working-age RVers and how this demographic strikes the right work/life balance. 

Episode 2 – Entertainment 101 / Boondocking Newbies: Wondering how to keep yourself entertained in your RV on rainy days? Cherie and Chris of Technomadia have the answers! Anthony experiences boondocking for the first time at the behest of Peter. 

Episode 3 – International RVing / RV Etiquette: Peter and John explain the intricacies of RVing through Italy, while Tom and Caitlin keep viewers entertained with the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of RVing. 

Episode 4 – RVing with Friends / RV Electrical / Towing 101: The Geeks and Morton’s love spending time together, but is it too much time? Learn how to strike a balance with friends on the road. Plus, Tom and John explain RV electrical systems, while Peter learns about towing cars. 

Episode 5 – Disabled RVers / Solar Power: An inspiring couple, Jim and Mica, show viewers that nothing can hold them back from living a life they love. John and Peter discuss the power of solar power. 

Episode 6 – Conquering Alaska / RV Insurance: In the Season 2 finale, Tom and Caitlin share their amazing adventure through Alaska, while Anthony acquires first-hand knowledge from the people who invented RV insurance. 

Season 3 – The RVers

Season 3 premiered May 15, 2021 on Discovery Channel. It is now available to watch on the Discovery Go App, Hulu, and AppleTV.

US: The RVers Season 3 Episode 1 on Apple TV/iTunes

Canada: The RVers Season 3 Episode 1 on Apple TV/iTunes

Stay Connected With ‘The RVers’

Show Social & YouTube

Come hang out with ‘The RVers,’ interact with other fans of the show, and learn even more about RVing on the show’s social media pages.

Facebook: @therverstv
Twitter: @therverstv
Instagram: @therverstv
YouTube: The RVers TV

The RVers Family

Adam and Celine McLaughlin are the online hosts of The RVers. They take fans behind the scenes of the series, give them up-close-and-personal interviews with the cast and share their own RV knowledge on The RVers TV YouTube channel. 

Adam and Celine, full-time RVers since 2018, live in a renovated 1992 travel trailer with their three boys. 

Cast Members’ Socials & Channels

Want even more airtime with the cast? You’ll find plenty of videos and RV advice on their social media pages and YouTube channels. Be sure to follow and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

Peter Knize and John Sullivan, The RVgeeks

Instagram: @rvgeeks
YouTube: RVgeeks

Anthony Nalli, Producer

Twitter: @anthonynalli 

Tom and Caitlin Morton, Mortons on the Move

Facebook: @mortonsonthemove 
Instagram: @mortonsonthemove
YouTube: Mortons on the Move

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  • We just returned home after 3+ years full-timing throughout all of North America in our Tiffin coach - 2016 to 2019. From the Gaspé in Quebec, to San Diego California, from Key West in Florida to Tuktoyaktuk in the NWT, and pretty much every place in between. Loved almost every minute of it! I've written a book about our experiences (both good and bad) that you might be interested in.......Dispatches from the Doghouse...... available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and FriesenPress. Keep on enjoying!!!!!

    • Wow! Sounds like you had quite the adventure over your 3 years of full-time RVing. Thanks for sharing! :)

  • Hi Guys,
    Have too say love your show, YouTube channel and vids. The RVer's show is off the chain. The info that you and the RV geeks give out is priceless, especially when you're a new RVer. On a tender note, I'm so sorry for your lost of Mocha. I too have fur babies(Abby&Bella) so I can only imagine.
    Mike B.

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