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Waiting and Wishing: Real Estate Woes

Hello everyone!

We are still in Midland, MI, still in our stationary, non-wheeled house, still waiting for it to sell.

It is the final piece to the puzzle, and once it falls into place, the rest of the dominoes can fall.

Problem is, once we do get an offer, accept it, have the inspection done, and all the other pre-house-buying things that have to happen, that’s at least another 30 days out, if we’re lucky. Not exactly the timeline we were hoping for. Hm.

Why is it taking so long?

We have had many, many showings. We have lots of positive feedback: “what a beautiful home,”  “really want to compliment the sellers on the excellent upkeep and decoration style,” “very tastefully decorated!” While these words are very kind, they do little to solve our problem, and there is always a “but.”

“Too small for the family’s projected growth.”
“Grandma is moving in with us and she can’t do stairs.”
“Just looking at this time.”
“We want all our bedrooms to be on the same level.”
“Too close to the neighbors.”

We have many theories/reasons for why we haven’t yet been successful:

  • changes in appraisal and mortgage laws,
  • appraisal tendencies for the region,
  • our “unique” bi-level layout,
  • the school year wrapping up,
  • the asking price,
  • etc.

Whatever the reason, I am writing this blog in hopes that it will trigger something in the universe to align that sends us the perfect buyer who will fall in love with our house!

Bottom Line: We are really excited to hit the road. We are also really sick of cleaning this house to perfection every other day for the next showing. Especially when said showing doesn’t produce an offer.

Bright Side:
We have not been idle during our waiting:

  1. We just landed our first contract with a local business to do some aerial filming for them. Woohoo! So we have to stick around for that at least.
  2. Social flexibility – we’ve been able to spend time with many of our good friends before our final departure.
  3. Michigan is gorgeous in the summer – and so is our house and yard. We will be leaving it with warm, happy memories vs. coming off a cold winter and a muddy spring.
  4. We still have a long list of things to do 🙂

What now?
Well, we’re not leaving as planned, so our estimated schedule will change. However, we are still aiming to make it up to the Upper Peninsula before heading out west to Washington.

Regardless, we doing our best to stay positive and not let it get us down. We have faith that no matter what happens, we’ll figure it out. If things don’t go according to plan…well…that’s okay.

Leave a comment below or on Facebook or Twitter @mortsonthemove about your real estate stories – smooth, rocky, or otherwise! We’d love to hear that we aren’t the only ones, or that there is hope out there for us! Thanks 🙂

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  • Hey guys, your pawsitivity will carry you very far. I remember how freaked out, frustrated and impatient we were when trying to get through our biz and home sale so I can relate. You'll find that perfect buyer, they're out there. We'll project even more pawsitivity to help!
    P.S. You're going to look back on this some day and smile!

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