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Who Owns Lazy Daze RV?

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What better way to enjoy the lazy days of summer than by traveling in a Lazy Daze motorhome? Not to be confused with the RV dealership (Lazydays RV), Lazy Daze RV is a company that uniquely sells motorhomes factory-direct. In fact, they might just be the highest quality RV company you’ve never heard of. Let’s learn more about them!

What Is Lazy Daze RV?

Lazy Daze RV is a bit of a mystery. While the company’s beginnings go all of the way back to the early 50s, you have to dig to learn about them. Even with a limited amount of information, the amazing thing is there’s a 2-year waiting list to purchase one of their RVs. The elusive mystery approach is working for the company!

Lazy Daze manufactures Class C motorhomes. They sell directly to consumers, cutting out the middleman. By selling directly, the company can have a no-haggle price as well as provide more personalized service. Their RVs are all manufactured at their factory in Montclair, California. 

27′ Rear Bath Motorhome

Who Owns Them?

The company got its roots when, in the 1950s, Paul Newton and Harold Hamm, two high school shop teachers, built a truck camper for themselves. Word spread, and they were soon receiving requests from others. Requests for their craft grew until they quit their school jobs.  

Sadly, Harold passed away unexpectedly. But, luckily, Paul was able to ask his brother, Ed Newton, to step in. The brothers worked together to keep the company going. Ed Newton continues to serve as a co-owner with his son Steve. 

Is Lazy Daze RV Still in Business?

Lazy Daze is still in operation at their Montclair, California factory and store. Customers can visit the store to discuss a purchase or pick up some supplies from the parts store. Not only can people visit the store, but they can even take a tour of the factory itself. 

What Sets Lazy Daze RVs Apart

If you’re lucky enough to spot one of these unique RVs in your travels, you might not realize how long it’s been around. One common theme owners talk about is how well the unit holds up. These RVs are built to last in a way that makes Lazy Daze proud to put their stamp of approval on it.

Because Lazy Daze operates via factory-direct sales, customers can deal directly with the manufacturer. For example, the company has a process that eliminates the negotiation frustration. Buying factory-direct also gives buyers the confidence in knowing they can take any problems directly to the manufacturer versus going back and forth with a dealer. 

How Much Do Lazy Daze RVs Cost?

Expect to find a starting price between $109,250 and $126,000 for new RVs. Price varies based on the layout and selected options. The company states that its objective is to build the best possible RV, not the most significant number. When you invest in a Lazy Daze motorhome, the quality matches the cost. 

About Their Floor Plans

Lazy Daze has 3 RV lengths, each with two unique floor plan options. Those wanting to stick to a 24’ unit can choose between a twin king bed model (two twins convert to a king if desired) or a front dinette model. 27’ units give buyers the option to choose a mid-bath or rear bath floor plan.

If you want their longest model, their 31’ units give you floor plan options of an island bed or twin bed. 

31′ Motorhome with Island Bed

Where to Learn More About Lazy Daze RVs

The best place to get information is probably the Lazy Daze website. It isn’t flashy or modern, and you won’t find eye-catching pictures and videos. But you’ll find a breakdown of their units, an explanation of their quality, and what you can expect from the buying process. 

Another great resource is the Lazy Daze Caravan Club. This group of owners love their motorhomes and want to share about them! They have several rallies each year. 

24′ Front Dinette Motorhome

Those buying a Lazy Daze RV can be confident that they’re getting a quality product. This company has gained quite a following, and now you know why. Have you ever considered purchasing a Lazy Daze RV?

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  • We bought a 27’ rear bath Lazy Daze last Aug & love it. We are enroute from Az to Alaska now in our Lazy Daze. Fabulous trip so far & the rig is just what I wanted!

    • That's wonderful to hear! Glad you're happy with your new RV. Safe travels! :)

  • I seem to recall reading some time ago that you can not pick up your RV at the factory because California requires some kind of special license to do so. (CDL?) You had to have it delivered.
    That may not be the case any more. As I said it's been years since I read that.
    It was one reason I chose another brand since I couldn't do a fly/drive.

    • If you have a CDL, you are a Ca resident and you have to pay sales tax at the delivery. If you are not a Ca resident, you can pay the sales tax, and it will be credited to your own state or be refunded. Otherwise you have it delivered to the state line by a registered professional driver at a nominal fee, and you take delivery in Arizona, or Nevada, or other state. Some people can get the ownership papers early, register, pay fees in your own state, receive your plates and Lazy Daze will put the plates on your rig for you.

    • I’ve never heard of anyone not being able to pick up their LazyDaze themselves. If that was ever the case, it hasn’t been for at least 15 years. I have owned the 27’ rear bath for 14 years and it’s still going strong and looks great.

    • California has never required a special license for Class C vehicles that I recall and I'm a native.

    • Nope, you can pick your new RV up at the factory and you don’t have to have a “special license”.

  • My folks bought a Lazy Daze decades ago. They lived in 1000 Oaks at the time and got a lot of use out of their caravan club. It was a great RV and they never had a lick of trouble with it.

  • I bought a 2001 mid-bath Lazy Daze in 2006 and have been living in it ever since. I've been very happy with it. If anything happened to my Daisy, I'd want another one.

    BTW, that California law had something to do with registration. If you wanted to register it in another state, you had to pick it up just outside CA, then drive the LD employee back to the factory. If you registered it in CA, you could pick it up at the factory. I don't know whether it's still that way or not. I never really understood the reasoning behind the law.

  • Patti and bought our first 19' Lazy Daze in 1973. We lived in LA and could get to the factory to see the LD we wanted.
    We traveled he country with our two young children and eventually sold it 11 years later for about what we paid for it. Quality is everything when it comes to LD and we can confirm that.
    In 2010, after retiring, we bought our 2nd LD, a 24' rear dinette which is like our 19' unit. The quality and creature comfort features in the 2010 made it an easy choice to decide on.
    A 4 month trip to Alaska, 6000 miles, from Denver area was a great trip. 2010 was an upgrade year which is not why be bought it. Because we are in Colorado we called LD and gave them our order. They wanted to know when were coming to Montclair. We said we weren't and didn't need to. This would be our 2nd LD. The decision was quickly justified and the 2010 decision was clearly the right one. You do pay for quality and resale value. It was the quality that was the determining factor for us. The quality today is comparable to our 1973 LD.
    Based on our experience we highly recommend those looking at a Class C RV should definitely look into Lazy Daze.

    • Thanks for sharing your personal experience with Lazy Daze! We're sure other readers will find it helpful. :)

  • I'm a proud 2003 Mid-Bath 2nd owner (purchased in 2019). Love my LD! I get compliments on it's retro look all of the time as well requests to sell. No way I'll be selling. It will be a family heirloom (4 yr-old great-great niece has her eye on it). :-)

  • For my money, the best source of information is the Lazy Daze Owners' Forum:
    It's an extremely helpful and knowledgeable group. I've owned two Lazy Dazes, full-timing in each one for many years, and the group has helped me out more times than I can count.

    To "Not So Free": you can buy a Lazy Daze and have it delivered by a professional driver to a location outside of California (usually Nevada) to avoid the CA sales tax. Hundreds of LD owners have done this over the years.

  • A couple inaccuracies in the article.

    Ed Newton has been dead for years.

    Factory and showroom has been closed to tours since the beginning of the pandemic.

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